Please Read- 2021 Christmas & 2022 New Year Delivery Scheme

Monday 20th December 2021- Normal Delivery/Despatch

Tuesday 21st December 2021- Normal Delivery/Despatch

Wednesday 22nd December 2021- Normal Delivery/Despatch


Thursday 23rd December 2021 - No Delivery/Despatch

Friday 24th December 2021No Delivery/Despatch

Monday 27th December 2021No Delivery/Despatch

Tuesday 28th December 2021 – No Delivery/Despatch


Wednesday 29th December 2021 -Normal Delivery/Despatch


Thursday 30th December 2021 – No Delivery/Despatch

Friday 31st December 2021 -No Delivery/Despatch

Monday 3rd January 2022 – No Delivery/Despatch


Tuesday 4th January 2022 – Normal  Delivery/Despatch


Thank you very much for your understanding.


The delivery scheme including all the UK STOCK EBIKES& UK STOCK ACCESSORIES; All delivery exclude during the weekends, bank holidays, public holidays etc.