(Non-UK Stock) ADO Accessory Electric Bike 26 inch Inner tube for A26

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  • MATERIAL: Made of high-quality rubber, our tubes are light weight and durable for best-in-class ride quality!
  • DURABILITY: highly durable, made for aggressive eBike riding. You can expect reliability, bringing you long lasting rides!
  • PROTECTION: Our eBike tubes are specially designed for eBike rides. We make sure our tubes are up to the standard you need to ride on the mountain or the road.
  • HIGH QUALITY VALUE: Our eBike inner tubes deliver a industry standard Valve, so you will be able to pump up you tires with any standard bike pump. We deliver premium quality ebike tubes for a great price!
  • RESISTANT: Our eBike tubes are made of high quality butyl rubber, are wear resistant and flat resistant, bringing you a high quality ride.