Viomi SE Robot vacuum cleaner with wiping function laser app control

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Product   Product Dimension(Diameter*Thickness)mm Ø350*94.5mm
Product Net Weight(kg) 4.60
Gross Weight(include carton,kg) 5.95
Function Spec Sweeping time(min) 60—130Min
Charging time(min) 180—240min
Operatiion Noise(db) ≤75
operation speed(cm/s) ≤0.3m/s
Climbing ability(mm) 2cm
Rpm of fan motor(r/min) 15000±10% 
Suction power(pa) 2200
Additional water tank No
Additional Dust box No
Dust Box Volume(ml) 300
Water Tank Capacity(ml) 200
 Fan Motor Nidec Motor
Sensor Recharging sensor 12
Dust box sensor
6-axis gyroscope
Drive wheel speed sensor
Anti-collision panel sensor
Rag holder monitoring sensor
LDS anti-collision sensor
LDS ranging sensor
Suspension sensor
 Water tank detection sensor
 2 in 1 Water tank detection sensor
Accessory Battery Battery Type Lithium
Battery Capacity 3200mAh
Output voltage 14.8V
 Charging voltage DC20V
Side Brush  Side brush speed 120rpm±10rmp
Qty 2
Virtual Wall  Solution APP Virtual wall setting
Qty 10
Connection WIFI Mode Support 802.11 b/g/n Transmission agreement
WIFI Frequency Range 2.4GHz~2.4835GHz
App Android、IOS
Software AI Obstacle Recognition
Multi-level Mapping
Real-time Mapping
Selective Room Cleaning
Setting Virtual Barrier/ Zones in App
Y-Mopping Integrated mopping & vacuuming
Customized Room Water Volume and Suction
No-mop Zones
Top-Up Charging
Adjustable Water Volume in Mopping
LDS Laser Navigation
App Control
Voice Control
Mopping Function
Over-The-Air Upgrades
Do Not Disturb
Voice Pack
Consumable remind
Customizable Cleaning Sequencing